“In demonstration of confidence in her capability, EWT is executing/completed the following projects”

  • Local Fabrication of 2-off 3 I 6L Stainless Steel Clad Process Vessels; LP NAG Inlet Separator ( I 00mm thick & I 05 Tons Wt.) and, Compressor Suction Scrubber (50mm thick & 29 Tons Wt.) for Shell Petroleum Dev. Co. for Soku NAG Compression Project.


  • Manufacture of I-off 3 I 6L Stainless Steel Clad Slug Catcher ( I 00mm thick & 110 Tons Wt.) for SPDC K2S Pipeline Project as subcontractor to Nestoil.


  • EPCI of Separation Packages and Produced Water Surge Tanks for SEPLAT PETROLEUM’s Liquid Treatment Facility (L TF) Project, Amukpe.


  • Engineering, Procurement, Construction & Installation of Pigging Facilities, Fabrication & Installation of End Facilities for NCT L Soku-New San Bartholomew Pipeline Project as Subcontractor to Nestoil Pie.


  • Manufacture of pressure vessels & process modules for SPDC DOMGAS project as sub contractor to Makon Engineering & Technical Services Ltd.


  • Fabrication & Erection of 2500 MT of Structural steel for New Construction Facility at Nestoil Industrial Area.(2012).


  • Shop fabrication of Tank sections for EPC of MPN crude/Condensate Storage & Settling Tanks Revamp (CSTR) Project, as subcontractor to Nestoil Pie (20 I 0).


  • Manufactured, Installed & Commissioned , PIG Launchers and Receivers for NGC Emergency Gas Supply to Alaoji Project as subcontractors to Nestoil Pie (20 I I).


  • Revamp of Pressure Vessels & Process Equipment at Ovade Flow station for Pan Ocean Oil Corp. (20 I 0).


  • Installation & Commissioning of PIG Launchers & Receivers for Nembe Creek Cawthorne Channel Trunckline Replacement Project for SPDC as subcontractor to Nestoil Pie. (2007).


  • Fabrication & Erection of steel structures for EPIC Dev. Of Outstation Permanent Accommodation at Nembe Creek for SPDC as subcontractor to Nestoil Pie. (20 I I).


  • Debottlenecking Train 3 works at Otumara Flows tation for SPDC as subcontractor to Nestoil Pie (2002).


  • Installation of platform, HP header replacement and piping works at Opukushi for SPDC as subcontractor to Nestoil Pie. (200 I).


  • Construction of platform and installation of pressure vessel at Opukushi for SPDC as subcontractor to Nestoil Pie. (200 I)

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