Contributing to Nigerian Local Content

We have created a framework for the development of indigenous construction proficiency and innovative technology to stimulate growth in local construction
to meet the industry capacity development vision and boost Nigeria’s economic development.

The Nigerian Oil & Gas Content Development Act stipulates mandatory in-country provision of product and services for the Nigerian Oil & Gas Industry. Energy Works Technology Limited in her bid to enhance indigenous participation in Oil & Gas Construction by creating the opportunity for capacity and capability building, has installed and commissioned an ultra modern construction facility capable of fabricating 15,000 metric tons of steel per annum and, indeed a Mega Workshop. It is equipped with;

•    Plate Rolling capacity up to I 30mm thick,
•    Plate Cutting capacity of 300mm thick using modern CNC machine,
•    Semi Automatic Welding Machines,
•    3 16 Stainless Steel Weld Overlay for stainless steel cladding,
•    Lift by overhead cranes of up to I 00 Tons,
•    Heat Treatment Furnace (the biggest in-country)

The Mega Facility located within Nestoil Industrial Area, is 18,200 square meters of workshop space, with an open construction area and yard ground bearing capacity up to I 00 tons per square meter. With these, Energy Works has surpassed current available industry capacity and capability in Nigeria and has become the largest and most equipped Mega Workshop.
Energy Works, within two years has transformed from a light duty fabricator to a major industry stakeholder and, obtaining applicable international certifications guarantees products and services to meet International codes’ specifications, standards and best practices as well as customers’ requirement. Energy Works has skilled and qualified Nigerian craftsmen trained within the facility and qualified to international standards. The welders have capability of welding duplex stainless steel and stainless steel cladding.
Energy Works has installed a training facility and created a frame work for the development of indigenous construction proficiency and innovative technology which will stimulate an organic growth in local construction endeavors to meet the Oil and Gas Industry capacity development vision and boost Nigeria’s Economic Development.
Energy Works having an experienced management team who have contributed to the development of world class fabrication capabilities in Nigeria, modern state-of-the-art Mega Facility, commitment to continuous investment in People, Process and Equipment, commitment to timely delivery and enhanced Nigerian Content benefit, makes her second to none.

Energy Works Technology is a very dynamic company, focused on continually providing more and more services to match the requirements of our potential African clients. Her strength is in unrivalled commitment and attitude and, unparalleled knowledge base and expertise. Energy Works’ Heavy Industrial Complex is the future and still expanding to greater possibilities.

New & Modern Equipment Assures World Class Quality & Productivity


Heavy Fabrication Workshops:

• 2 Bay shops each 20m wide x 160m long covered x IO.Sm working height, 7000T pa capacity. Bay I is complete with; 2 off I ST Overhead Cranes, SOmm x 3000mm capacity Rolling Machine, CNC Plate cutting Macine, various welders including subarc on 7m high x 4m Boom Positioners. Bay 2 is complete with; 2 off 20T Overhead Cranes, Various welders including subarc on 7m high x 7m Boom Positioners. Maximum overhead lift of 40 Tons.
• 2 Bay shops each 2Sm wide x 160m long covered, 8000T pa capacity. Bay 3 is complete with; 2 off 2ST Overhead Cranes with 14m working height, 3000mm wide x I 30mm thick capacity Rolling Machine, various welders including subarc on 7m hi,gh x 7m boom Positioners. Maximum Overhead Lift is SOT. Bay 4 is complete with; 2 off SOT Overhead Cranes with 13m working height, various welders including subarc on 7m high x 7m boom Positioners. Maximum Overhead Lift is I OOT.
• Other lifting & handling methods and equipment deployment is as need arise.
• Painting Facility complete with blasting & Painting booths and a 600 square meter covered shop.
• Construction Area: 8, I 00 square meter ( open).

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