At EWT, all our operations are guided by our Quality management System that ensures that the acceptance and performance criteria of our products and services are continuously met. Our Quality Management System is certified to ISO 900 I :2008. EWT is also AS ME U, U2, PP, S, R Stamps code-shop authorized. We owe all our clients, product s and services that meet their requirements as well as international codes and industry best practices.
Energy Works Technology Ltd has a “zero” philosophy and target and conducts all her operations in a socially responsible and ethical manner giving first consideration at all times to the health and safety of all stakeholders.
It is the policy of Energy Works Technology Ltd to be environmentally friendly in our operation. This we achieve by formulating and implementing procedures which avoid adverse impact on the environment and mitigate those impacts which are unavoidable and, conserving and enhancing the resources of our environment.”
Energy Works technology ltd in her operations is committed to ensuring excellent relationship with host communities by direct engagement; empowering the local people through skills acquisition programmes, employment of community workforce and use of community provided services, encourage and assist community to protect and enhance their environment.

Energy Works Technology Limited Considers Personnel Health and Safety a Top priority.


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